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1. How can duty and autonomy go together? What is the great dignity in answering to duty?
           >> I am the author, subordinate myself to the moral law
           >> A law I give my self.

2. How many moral law?
           >> One and the same, the agent in doing the choosing is “pure reason”.

3. How is a categorical imperative possible? How is morality possible?
>> we need to make a distinction between two standpoints from which we can make sense of our experience. (realm of freedom and realm of necessity)
1. empirical being: as an object of experience, I belong to the sensible world. There, my actions are determined by the laws of nature and by the regularities of cause and effect. (heteronomous choice governed by influence to external ends)

2. intelligible world: capable of autonomy, capable of acting according to the law I give myself. (only from this standpoint can I regard myself as free.)